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What Should The Endoscopic Examination Pay Attention To?

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Diagnosis of esophageal examination: food foreign body, esophageal diverticulum, esophageal stenosis and tumor, take biopsy.

1. Adaptation certificate

(1) Diagnostic aspects: Food foreign matter, diverticulum, esophageal stenosis and tumors, biopsy.

(2) Treatment: removing foreign bodies and expanding esophageal stenosis,

2. Tabu cards

Aortic aneurysm, severe hypertension and heart disease, cervical deformity, larynx tuberculosis, acute corrosive burn.

3. Preparation before inspection

(1) Same as bronchoscopy.

(2) Before the inspection, 4h fasting and drinking water are prohibited.

4. Notes

(1) Use 0.5 % to 1 % of Dinka spray 2 to 3 times in the mouth and throat. Do not swallow too much to avoid poisoning. See bronchoscopy for details.

(2) The operation should be gentle and meticulous to prevent esophageal perforation from causing severe mediastinitis. [Medical Education Network Collecting]

(3) The stricture of the pharynx muscle is not easy to pass through. In order to prevent damage, the first assistant should pay attention to maintaining the patient's head high and middle position. The second assistant should hold the patient's shoulder and not raise it. The surgeon should align the esophagus mirror with the midline., wait a moment, When the cyclopharyngeal muscle is loose and the upper esophagus is slightly Zhangkaicheng, it is immediately delivered. If the upper part of the esophagus does not open for a long time, the patient can be asked to swallow or insert a small probe in the esophagus to guide the esophagus to send with the probe.

(4) After the esophageal mirror passes through the upper esophagus, lower the patient's head, suck out the secretions in the lens tube, move the proximal end of the esophageal mirror slightly toward the stone, and the distal end points to the patient's upper left iliac spine and continues to send. At the lower end of the esophagus, there is a narrow point of the esophagus that is more wrinkled, and then the proximal end of the esophagus mirror is slightly advanced to open it so that the mirror body can enter the end of the esophagus. There is often gastric juice. Into the lens tube.

After examination, note the same matters as bronchoscopy.

In recent years, in addition to the esophageal foreign body or the examination of esophageal entry and upper esophageal cancer with hard esophageal mirror, general other indications are performed fiber esophageal examination.

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