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Tips For Using The Laparoscopic Camera System

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Laparoscopic camera system is a kind of highly equipment dependent operation, which has been widely used in clinic as a minimally invasive operation.

Leon Medical, chief engineer of Sufutong, said to take these measures:

1 Training of endoscopic specialist nurses. Systematically study the theory of endoscope and surgical cooperation, demonstrate the correct use of laparoscopic equipment, arrange the operating procedures and routines of various specialized operations, and wash hands, tour nurses, and health workers according to the procedures and procedures.

2 Equipment management. Design 5 layer sliding instrument cabinet, label, equipment classification placement.

Laparoscopy is an advanced equipment that integrates mechanical, electronic and optical technologies. The lenses of optical fiber and endoscope and laparoscopic cameras are very fine and valuable. They should be proficient in their performance and installation methods. The quality management of laparoscopic operation process improves the professional quality of nurses, and everyone participates in the management, mobilizes the enthusiasm of nurses, strengthens the sense of responsibility, and improves the management quality of doctor-patient satisfaction and valuable equipment and equipment.

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