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【product】Thoracoscopic Surgical Advantages

- Mar 11, 2018 -

1. Surgical trauma: Common open chest surgery is very traumatic, incision in more than 20cm, severe chest wall injury, cut off the chest wall muscles, but also forced to open the intercostal 10-20cm, postoperative pain has been difficult to solve. The thoracoscopic surgery in the chest wall generally open three 1.5cm long incision to complete the surgery, and without having to open the intercostal space, greatly reducing the surgical trauma, the patient can get out of bed the same day after thoracoscopic surgery.

2. Postoperative pain is light: Common open chest surgery because of chest wall trauma, intraoperative forced open the intercostal space, postoperative pain, chest pain lasting from months to years, most patients with postoperative activity is limited. Because thoracoscopic surgery does not require distraction of the intercostal space, postoperative patient pain is significantly reduced, and the patient can get out of bed on the day of surgery, and normal work can be resumed after 2-4 weeks.

3. Little effect on lung function: thoracoscopic surgery does not cut off the chest wall muscles, do not open the ribs, compared with conventional thoracotomy surgery to a large extent to retain the integrity of the thorax and the patient's respiratory function, so patients with postoperative pulmonary function And the activity ability is better than that of conventional thoracotomy patients.

4. The impact on immune function is small: the degree of surgery will reduce the body's immune function, the greater the surgical trauma, the greater the impact on immune function, thoracoscopy and traditional thoracotomy significantly reduce the surgical trauma, the impact on immune function greatly reduced.

5. Less postoperative complications, more beautiful

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