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【product】The Use Of Surgical Instruments

- Mar 25, 2018 -

Every surgery is a battle with death. In addition to the professional quality of the laparoscopic surgical instruments, surgical instruments also play an important role. During surgery, doctors use a variety of surgical instruments to treat patients. Therefore, the quality of gynaecological laparoscopic instruments and the use of surgical instruments will affect the success or failure of the entire operation and affect the patient's body. health.

When performing an operation in an operating room, the use of surgical instruments is in accordance with the relevant regulations for endoscopic surgical instruments. First of all, according to the needs of surgery, surgical instruments should be categorized and put into the equipment bag. The general surgery needs to be configured with a conventional instrument bag, the specialist surgery is configured with a special surgical instrument bag, and the instrument bag must be carried out before the operation. Check to make sure there are no missing instruments. Secondly, the type of surgery is different, and the instruments in the surgical instrument package must be adjusted, and the disinfection must be performed frequently. When the surgical instrument package is used, the instruments inside are all sterilized and the number of types is complete. There are also surgical instruments in the process of use, we must be careful not to hurt others, and do not damage the instruments. Surgical instruments must be wiped before use and then disinfected. There are also statistics on surgical instruments before surgery and statistics on surgical instruments after the end of surgery.


Because surgical instruments must be used accurately when they are used, surgical instruments must be regularly maintained and maintained. Problems can be resolved and dealt with in a timely manner.

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