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【product】The Superiority Of Laparoscopic Surgery

- Apr 05, 2018 -

1. Body wall nerves and muscles are prevented from being intercepted: Abdominal surgery

The traditional open surgery blocking can not prevent the body from damaging the wall nerves, tearing or breaking the muscles of the abdominal wall. The endoscopic surgery is generally not harmful to the body wall nerves because of its small, narrow mouth and muscle damage. The uterine apparatus is also minimal, and the new microscopic endoscopic surgical instruments have recently reduced the opening to 2 to 3 mm. Therefore, the complications of this type of surgery are greatly reduced and even eliminated. For example, a 10% blockage of the hysterectomy after the open operation of the cholecystectomy is prevented, and complications such as effusion, hemorrhage and infection are significantly prevented. The uterine morcellator cuts, and even if the attack is easy to deal with, it will not constitute a severe sequelae, such as block paralysis; other interruptions of pain are subtle, and generally there is no discomfort due to blockage of the surrounding paralysis. The advantages of the above-mentioned occlusion are more pronounced in patients who are more obese.

2. The organs were disturbed little and the postoperative recovery was fast: laparoscopic surgery not only greatly reduced the length of the cut-off wound, but also reduced the wound of the operation itself. The enlarged picture and excellent illumination make it somewhat similar to microsurgery. The more accurate the anatomy, the more sophisticated weapons such as electric knives also make less bleeding. We have started discussions on stress and immunity (humoral and cellular immunity) and have studied both domestically and internationally to obtain a common result: Compared with traditional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery does not show significant stress and immunity. The change has provided more scientific and objective evidence for the minimally invasive nature of this procedure. In addition, because laparoscopic surgery does not have a gauze pad on the wear of the ointment surface of the dirty instrument, there is no evaporation of water, there is no foreign matter such as dust in the operating room and talcum powder scattered, and the blood supply to the organ is often caused by excessive pressure pulling. It greatly eases the disturbance of the organs, postoperative complications of organ function are greatly shortened, and postoperative wound pain is light and can be performed as early as possible. The recovery of organ function is accelerated, and the chance of organ adhesion is greatly reduced. Systemic complications such as pulmonary infections and deep venous thrombosis are also greatly reduced. In general, the organ function of laparoscopic surgery recovers 24 hours earlier than open surgery. The post-hospitalization period can also be shortened to 13 to 12 times, significantly improving the turnover rate of the bed, and the patient's ability to recover quickly and returning to work early, so it has outstanding social and economic benefits.

3. The poke mouth is flexible and easy to treat with multiple diseases: laparoscopic surgery shows a flexible and flexible feature due to the small size of the wound. Therefore, a multi-disease patient, especially a person with a distant pathological focus, can be fully explored under an anesthesia. , to confirm the diagnosis and identify the diagnosis, and then the joint implementation of laparoscopic surgery to obtain a minimally invasive effect with a multiplier. For example, patients with gallbladder stones associated with lower right abdominal pain can be examined with laparoscopic cholecystectomy together with the right lower abdomen, pelvic cavity, uterus, and bilateral appendages. If necessary, an interdisciplinary laparoscopic surgery can be performed. Now more sophisticated laparoscopic combined surgery: laparoscopic gallbladder + appendix or + uterus or + attachment removal, spermatic varicose veins high bit group + inguinal hernia repair and so on.

4. Infectious diseases should be small and the operators should be safe: Laparoscopic surgery reduces the opportunity for surgical personnel to touch the patient's blood due to self-injury and accidental injury, thus reducing the number of patients with infectious diseases (such as hepatitis, AIDS, etc.) The requirements of the operating personnel ensure the safety of the personnel involved.

5. The same screen is used to facilitate collaborative education: surgeons, equipment nurses, anesthesiologists and other operating room operators can share the same monitor together. The details of the operation are known, easy for video archiving, easy to summarize and academic exchanges, and education .

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