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【product】The Main Advantages Of Laparoscopy

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Laparoscopic surgery has the following advantages over traditional surgery:

No open stomach.

Compared with the traditional laparotomy, it avoids the need of open abdomen, no wound in abdomen and no pain after operation.

Keep the uterus.

Retain female function, do not affect female psychology;

Recover quickly

Hospitalization can be discharged 2-3 days, the recent complications are very few, long-term does not affect ovarian function;

Damage Small

The incision is small, only 0.5cm; intraoperative injury is small, the operation time is short, the haemorrhage is few, the abdomen does not leave the earthworm-like scar;

The pain is light.

Surgery only on the belly button, abdomen open 1-3 small wounds, do not open the lesion organ injury and normal tissue, postoperative pain light.

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