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The Hysteroscopy Wasn't That Bad.

- Aug 12, 2018 -

The hysteroscopy is a kind of high-tech fiber light source endoscope, including light source system, irrigation system and imaging system. The hysteroscopy can directly see the intrauterine cavity, and most intrauterine diseases can be quickly and accurately diagnosed. The hysteroscopic examination is a kind of minimally invasive diagnostic method commonly used in gynecological clinic and is the "gold standard" for diagnosis of intrauterine diseases.

The commonly used uterine examination mirror is about 4.5-5 .5 mm in diameter and is very slender. For married women, the examination process takes about 2-5 minutes through the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity. The pain caused by hysteroscopy is generally tolerable and does not require anesthesia. If the patient fears pain, local anesthesia can be applied. The hysteroscopy clinic is completed and the patient can return home after a short rest in the hospital. In addition, hysteroscopy can also perform vaginal and uterine examinations on young girls and unmarried women, promptly and accurately detect abnormal conditions and perform corresponding treatment.

On the day of hysteroscopy, appropriate amount of food can be eaten. If the examination process is combined with B ultrasound, the patient should properly suffocate before examination. The specific operation process: 1. The patient's body position is the same as that of the gynecology examination, and the bladder is truncated; 2, after disinfection, slowly insert the uterine cavity examination mirror, and at the same time expand the palace with physiological saline or 5 % glucose injection, according to the order of the bottom of the palace, bilateral uterine horns and oviduct openings, anterior, posterior and bilateral walls. Pay attention to the uterine cavity morphology, whether there is an endometrial anomaly or occupied lesions, when leaving the mirror body, check the shape of the cervical canal and the inner membrane, and if necessary, perform a positioning biopsy. During the entire examination, the patient is awake and can see the situation in his uterus with the doctor. There is no need to be nervous.

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