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【product】The Basic Operation Of Hysteroscopic Surgery

- Mar 25, 2018 -

1. Electrocution: High-frequency electricity is used as an energy source, and a ring-shaped or needle-like electrode is used for resection or separation of lesions, and is often used for intrauterine space-occupying lesion resection or adhesion, and it needs to pay attention to the cutting speed and depth.

2. Mechanical separation: Micro scissors were placed through the hysteroscope operation hole to separate and cut the adhesion tissue and mediastinum tissue.

3. Electrocoagulation: The use of high-frequency electricity as energy, the use of spherical or cylindrical electrodes for coagulation and destruction of lesions, laser energy can also be used for the above operations, mainly used for endometrial removal or coagulation, hemostasis.

4. Tubal intubation and fluid: The tubal catheter was inserted into the tubal interstitial via a hysteroscope operation channel and injected into the methylene blue methylene blue fluid to assess tubal patency.

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