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【product】Veress Needle Installation And Use

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Veress Needle should be disinfected before use, with 75% ethanol or clean compressed air before use for clinical.

Product conditions of use:

 a) ambient temperature: 10oc ~ 40oc;

  b) Relative humidity: 30% ~ 85%

Product transportation and storage conditions: Relative Humidity: 30% ~ 80%

 1. The coagulation device is connected by a unipolar high-frequency cable with a high-frequency generator, one end of the high-frequency generator is connected with a high-frequency generator, and the working mode of the high-frequency generator is a single pole condensate. The other end is electrically coagulated The device's electrode plug connected;

  2. When the titanium clamp clamp titanium clip, care should be taken not to clamp the titanium clip improperly and titanium clip closure or drop, resulting in the loss of titanium clip holding the role of tissue;

 3 puncture puncture the abdominal cavity, the handle should be slowly plus force, with particular attention to the puncture handle the end of the hole, gas escape from the hole that the puncture has been successful.

 4 scissors suture and tissue cutting, care should be taken not to damage other tissues. If it is found that there is a dragging phenomenon when cutting gauze, immediately stop using the scissors to prevent accidents.

5. Claw gallbladder and other organizations should be used without injury grasper, when cutting, crushing tissue should be used to grasp the tweezers; when the separation of tissue separation clamp should be used.

 6. Rinse the suction tube should be connected with the suction pump, in order to effectively wash the tissue and absorb dirt.

 7. Needle holder clamp suture needle should be strong and strong, so as to avoid poor holding due to suture can not be sutured effective parts. 8. When inserting the pneumoperitoneum, the action should be steady and gentle, piercing obliquely, increasing the distance that the needle passes, increasing the tissue resistance through and the speed of the pin movement will slow down automatically; the intestine may be pushed by the needle Open, will not cause damage. The amount of gas injected should be determined depending on the individual patient circumstances, too little gas injection, microscopic examination difficult to observe unclear gas injection too much, the patient moved upward due to the diaphragm, respiratory distress.




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