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【product】VATS Thoracoscopic Instruments

- Mar 12, 2019 -

Precautions for the use of VATS thoracoscopic instruments:

(1) When taking it, the hand is fixed at the two rings of the gripper handle;

(2) It is recommended that only one holding device should be soaked in a container to avoid collision with each other;

(3) The front end is closed when it is taken out and put back, and the mouth of the container and the area above the liquid surface are not touched;

(4) The front end of the clamp and the cymbal should always be downward, not horizontal, and can not be reversed, so as to prevent the liquid from flowing back to contaminate the holding device;

(5) Put it back immediately after use and open the shaft joint to fully contact the disinfectant;

(6) The remote use should be moved together with the container, and the instrument should not be used only;

(7) When changing the medicine, do not use the holding pliers to directly pick up the oil gauze or change the medicine, disinfect the skin, and then use a holding pliers to pick up a pair of tweezers or hemostats;

(8) Containers and sterile holding pliers, sputum should be disinfected regularly, at least once a week. If there is any contamination, it should be replaced immediately and re-sterilized.

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