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- Jan 22, 2018 -

【Product Name】 laparoscopic trocar

【Product Efficacy】 for the peritoneal pelvic minimally invasive surgery to provide access to equipment Scope: a variety of minimally invasive surgery can be used

【Features】 1. Ergonomic grip handle, feel comfortable, excellent controllability

Seiko produced throughout the blade, a satisfactory puncture effect

3 unique puncture protection head free telescopic to prevent accidental injury organs for the operation to provide security

4. The main sheath is equipped with a flexible anti-skid parachute, which can lock the puncture sheath and prevent the sheath from sliding, providing stable support for the operation of accurate operation

5. Easy-to-use instrument conversion plate, you can adjust the channel size, suitable for different diameter surgical instruments in and out, without having to pull out the sheath repeatedly, saving operation time

6. Reliable gas-tight protective cover to prevent gas leakage, to ensure the stability of the pressure, simple operation, perfect function, non-toxic, sterile, more traditional puncture device has the incomparable superiority Scope: a variety of minimally invasive Surgery can be used.



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