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【product】Transforaminal Endoscope Surgical System

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The Transforaminal Endoscope Surgical System is a tube equipped with a light that enters the intervertebral foramen from the side or side of the patient's body (which can be tilted flat) and performs surgery in the safe working triangle. Surgery is performed outside the annulus of the intervertebral disc, and the prominent nucleus pulposus, nerve root, dural sac and hyperplastic bone tissue can be clearly seen under endoscopic direct vision. Then use various types of grasping forceps to remove the protruding tissue, remove the bone under the microscope, and repair the broken fiber ring with the RF electrode. Surgical trauma is small: the skin incision is only 7mm, like a soybean grain size, bleeding less than 20ml, only 1 stitch after surgery. It is the minimally invasive treatment of intervertebral disc herniation with minimal trauma and best effect in the same type of surgery.

Principle of treatment

The intervertebral foramen removes the pressure on the nerve roots by completely removing the protruding or prolapsed nucleus pulposus and hyperplastic bone beyond the safety triangle of the intervertebral foramen and the intervertebral disc annulus, eliminating the pain caused by nerve compression. The surgical method is a spinal minimally invasive surgery system composed of a specially designed intervertebral foramen and a corresponding minimally invasive surgical instrument, imaging and image processing system. At the same time as the removal of the protruding or prolapsed nucleus, the bone hyperplasia can be removed, the spinal canal stenosis can be treated, and the damaged fiber ring can be repaired by radio frequency technology.

Access location

Intervertebral disc herniation transverse section of the intervertebral foramen

Intervertebral disc herniation transverse section of the intervertebral foramen

A: For cases of simple disc herniation and partial prolapse, the posterior lateral safety triangle approach is preferred.

B: The far lateral horizontal approach is suitable for the central giant protrusion.

C: posterior or interlaminar approach for patients with free or calcified

D: Suitable for almost all types of disc herniation and partial cases of bony stenosis



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