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【product】Titanium Clip

- Mar 14, 2019 -

Titanium clips are commonly used to clamp blood vessels or other tubing during laparoscopic surgery, such as the use of titanium clips to clamp the cystic artery and cystic duct in LC. Titanium clips are made of medical metal titanium and are not absorbable. As the absorbable material develops, an absorbable clip is created. The absorbent clip is composed of an inner layer of MAXON polyglycolic acid carbonate, which is absorbed for 180 days; and an outer layer of DEXON polyglycolic acid, which is absorbed for 60-90 days. The advantages are double-layer protection, high firmness, and the use of DistalClosure technology to avoid cutting and damage tissue; high accuracy (PreciseClosure), avoiding extrapolation of tissue. For ligation of gallbladder artery and bile duct and other Ordinary ligation. It is not suitable for long-term or permanent ligation of tissues or vessels. It is not suitable for ligation of tissues or vessels. It is not suitable for ligation of fallopian tubes. It can be used for hemostasis after transection.




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