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【product】The Ureteral Basket Lithotripsy Use Process

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Use precondition

There are different types of stone baskets. Dormia baskets are the most widely used, and Davis collars may be safer. The Dormia Basket is a dangerous device in the hands of unskilled persons and should not be abused unless clearly indicated. If the trial fails, ureterolithotomy should be performed immediately following the same anesthesia.

Use process

When using the Dormia basket, the position of the lock knob should be adjusted so that the basket fully opens when the outer sheath is drawn to the end.

The cystoscopy was performed and the closed urine stone basket was inserted into the ureter by inserting the ureteral catheter. Insert the upper end of the basket at least 5cm above the stone.

Pull the sheath out and open the basket. Do not push the basket core upward. If you open the basket in this way, it is possible to puncture the end of the basket core through the ureter wall.

Place the basket completely open or pull down the nylon string of the loop catheter until it is bowed. Gently pumping this stone removal device can sometimes remove the stones together. Sometimes urinary stones will fall out of the basket and fall on the bottom of the bladder, and they will be sucked out with another Ellik evacuator.

Do not close the basket in the ureter as this will trap the ureter wall between the baskets. Do not use force to tighten the basket or collar, which can tear off the lower end of the ureter.

Set of blue interlocked with stones in the ureter. In this case, do not pull down. The lock button should be removed from the basket core, the outer sheath removed, the abdominal plain film, and the patient returned to the ward. In general, baskets and stones can fall out within 48 hours. If they do not fall out, they must be removed by surgery.

The basket punctures the ureter wall. The basket will be tampered with. The diagnosis can be diagnosed by X-ray examination and intravenous pyelography. Surgical removal of baskets and stones is required.

Ureter prolapse or avulsion. Stones in the basket are difficult to drain from the ureters because they are not completely free. When the stones further enter the bladder, a portion of the ureter tissue can be prolapsed. Do not pull down any more, this will increase the degree of prolapse. A flexible small scissors should be placed through the cystoscope to separate the stones and baskets from prolapsed ureters, or with an electrocautery or ureteral orifice.




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