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- Apr 27, 2018 -

The stapler is a medically-used alternative to hand-stitched equipment. The main working principle is to use titanium nails to break or staple the tissue, similar to a stapler. According to the scope of application, they can be divided into skin staplers, digestive tract (esophageal, gastrointestinal, etc.) round staplers, rectal staplers, [1] circular fistula anastomosis, circumcision staplers, vascular staplers, Helium stapling device, lung cutting suturing device, etc.

Compared to traditional manual suturing, instrument suturing has the following advantages:

Common stapler series

Common stapler series (7 photos)

1. The operation is simple and convenient, saving the operation time.

2.One-time use to avoid cross-infection.

3.The use of titanium nails or stainless steel nails (skin stitcher) suture tight, moderate elasticity.

4.With few side effects and effective in reducing surgical complications.




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