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- May 21, 2018 -

Sinoscope endoscopy is an instrument that addresses the problem of inability to look directly into the stenosis, concealed middle meatus, upper meatus, and cryptic crypts.

Whether it is front nose or indirect nasopharyngoscopy, there are limitations to the observation of the nasal cavity and sinuses. Many important structures of the nose (such as the opening of each sinus) are located in the stenosis, concealed middle meatus, upper nasal meatus, and butterfly screen crypts and cannot be directly viewed, making it difficult to diagnose and determine the condition of the nose. The application solves the above problems.

At present, the commonly used clinical endoscopes are three types of 0°, 30°, and 70°, 4.0 mm in diameter, and 180 mm in length. This kind of endoscope has a large field of vision and good brightness. Children can use a 2.7mm diameter endoscope. At the same time, cold light sources and light source wires should be provided. In order to do some simple operations, the following instruments should also be prepared: 0° and 45° ethmoid sinus clamps, straight aspiration tubes, curved suction tubes, maxillary sinus cannula puncture needles, maxillary sinus biopsy forceps, and sphenoid sinus rongeur forceps. If there is a video recording system, it is helpful for operation, teaching and data preservation. Nose hair should be cut before examination.




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