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- Oct 08, 2018 -

Adapt to the illness:

1. Unexplained lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

2. chronic diarrhea for unknown reasons;

3. low intestinal obstruction of unknown cause;

4.suspected large intestine or ileal tumor;

5.colorectal polyps, tumor bleeding and other diseases need to be treated with colonoscopy;

6. after colon surgery and colonoscopy treatment, regular review of colonoscopy;

7.colorectal cancer screening: In addition, colorectal cancer screening, but also early occult blood test (also known as: occult blood test), you can detect occult blood test strips at home, or go to the hospital for laboratory testing, if the test results are positive , colonoscopy as soon as possible.


1. Made of high quality stainless steel

2. New optical system with clear vision

3. Optional high temperature and high pressure sterilization endoscope

4. Surgical instruments are processed by stainless steel sheet, with good anti-corrosion performance and no coating on the surface.

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