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【product】Polymer Clip Vs Titanium Clip

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Polymer Clip is a medical device used for endoscopic surgery.

Product Scope: Suitable for ligation of blood vessels or other tubular structures for clinical laparoscopic surgery or surgical non-absorbable ligation clips.


A product that gradually replaces the Titanium clip; its biocompatibility is better than that of metal titanium clips; the use of specially-applied clip-on forceps gives it a better feel; Titanium clips can't do it during surgery.

Used to seal tubular structures in the body during surgery. The company's titanium clips are mainly used in modern surgical procedures such as laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder.

Polymer Clip: minimal damage to vascular tissue; no cutting effect; snap-lock device, complete clipping, no slippage; loose leaf + bow-shaped staple legs, wide ligation range; touch-clamping, felt safety; can replace traditional silk ligation;

Titanium clip: Very damaging to vascular tissue; over-clamping can cause blood vessel cutting; ligated nails retract in clamps; ligated nails easily slide and fall out; rigid structure, narrow ligation range; no tactile closure device;





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