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【product】Plasma Resectoscope

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Plasma resectoscopes are the most effective treatment for prostate and bladder tumors. In the past, the biggest problem with conventional resectoscopes was that they were easy to form patients with water poisoning, and the effect of stopping bleeding was poor. The surgeon's surgical control was required to be completed within 1 hour. Compared with conventional prostate resection, plasma bipolar electrotomy uses physiological saline as a rinse solution, using a dynamic plasma cutting mechanism.

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It can prolong the operation time and avoid the occurrence of TURS in the electric cut syndrome. Due to the use of physiological saline as the rinsing solution, the occurrence of dilute hyponatremia was avoided, and no TURS occurred. No TURS occurred in this group, which was consistent with the results of foreign studies. Therefore, TUPKBP improves surgical safety and tissue resection rates. In addition, it is less limited by the size of the prostate, which prolongs the surgical cutting time, expands the surgical indications, reduces the risk of surgery, and facilitates more thorough removal of the proliferating prostate tissue.

Reduced postoperative recovery time for patients. Due to the limited thermal penetration of plasma electrotomy, the carbonization of the cut surface is less, the damage to the surrounding tissue is small, and postoperative bladder irritation is reduced. Because there is no heat conduction effect, no current flows through adjacent organs and tissues. Therefore, without damaging the tissue, the chance of retinal nerve reflex is reduced, and the urinary tract irritation is also mild. The postoperative lavage time and indwelling catheter time were significantly shorter than the vaporization and resection group, which shortened the postoperative recovery time.

There was less bleeding during and after surgery. Due to the use of bipolar circuit and low temperature cutting, the temperature of the tissue cutting surface is only 40-70 ° C, coupled with extremely limited heat transmission, the electrocoagulation tissue is whitish, rarely charring, reducing intraoperative bleeding and postoperative focal gaze Falling off and causing rebleeding.

Increased detection rate of incidental prostate cancer. Since the surface temperature of the target tissue cut by TUBVP is 40-70 ° C, tissue evaporation is less, which is beneficial to histopathological examination. Compared with prostate vaporization and electric cutting, the plasma electric cutting double ring is relatively small, the cut tissue is smaller and finer, and the cut surface is basically not charred, which makes it easier to detect occasional prostate cancer. Of course, compared with the vaporization of the prostate, since the plasma bipolar electrode ring is relatively small, the cutting speed is relatively slow.



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