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【product】Otoscope Examination Method

- Jun 19, 2018 -

Otoscope examination method introduction

The otoscope is shaped like a funnel and its sizes vary. During the examination, an appropriate otoscope should be selected according to the width of the external auditory canal. In order to observe the entire ear canal and tympanic membrane.

Otoscope examination method

Can be divided into two hands and one hand inspection method

1. Two-hand inspection method: The examiner pulls the auricle as far as possible to straighten the ear canal. The right hand gently inserts the otoscope into the external auditory canal so that the front end of the otoscope reaches the cartilage. Be careful not to exceed the junction between the cartilage and the bone. To avoid causing pain. The direction of the otoscope tube axis is the same as the long axis of the external auditory canal, otherwise the tympanic membrane cannot be seen.

2. One-handed examination: When examining the left ear, hold the otoscope with the thumb of the left hand and the index finger. Push the auricle backwards and upwards with the middle finger first, then place the otoscope in the external auditory canal. When the right ear was inspected, the otoscope was still held with the left thumb and the index finger, and the middle finger and ring finger pulled the pinna, and the otoscope was inserted immediately after the ear canal became straight.

Otoscopy test normal value

No perforation or pus aspiration at the tympanic membrane.



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