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【product】Open Type Clip Applicator

- May 08, 2018 -

Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments.

Specifically, it relates to a kind of snapback clamp for clamping a blood vessel during surgery. The utility model is characterized in that the front end of the shell is provided with a reverse-type jaw mechanism, the rear end of the shell is installed in a turntable, an outer handle pin is arranged on the handle, the outer handle of the handle and the rear end of the shell are correspondingly installed in the turntable, and the transmission rod An alveolar mechanism is arranged between the end of the outer shaft of the handle and the handle and the handle. By forming a snapback structure between the clamp arm and the front end of the housing, the clamp is closed toward the proximal end during blood vessel clamping and the blood vessels are treated under direct vision to improve the safety of handling small blood vessels. Its structure is simple and easy to use.




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