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【product】Medical Sinus Electric Drill

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Sinus Electric Drill cleaning, disinfection and maintenance

Sinus Electric Drill is a precision surgical instrument with a compact internal structure. After each use must be thoroughly cleaned with clean water, and with the cleaning agent provided by the company on the parts really spray to prevent dirt dry knot, rust, obstruction, damage to mobile phones and knives. After each cleaning must be dried to prevent the motor from damp.

 1. Cleaning and maintenance

A surgery is completed, the whole machine working state (depress the pedal speed switch, the cutter head operation). At the same time with the vacuum suction to attract water, full scouring clean blood within the tool.

B stop, 揿 press the head lock sleeve, remove the outer knife and the inner knife for a full cleaning, if the knife is blocked serious, available through the wire through the light, pay attention: pass the needle to avoid stamping and cutting edge to prevent damage to the edge .

C Unscrew the tip and thoroughly clean the tip and the cavity in which the tool is mounted.

D Rinse the blowdown pipe and the inner chamber with fresh water from the suction pipe connector at the rear end of the cutter head and at the suction hole where the suction tool is installed.

 E After cleaning and drying, install the cutter head and tool.

 2. Sterilization

 a) Cutters and cell phones must be sterilized strictly before each procedure.

 b) It is recommended to use formaldehyde (formalin) sterilization; type mobile phones can be high temperature and pressure disinfection.

 c) Disinfection and sterilization to hospital surgical instruments routine disinfection 

and sterilization norms prevail.




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