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【product】Laparoscopy Is Widely Used.

- Aug 19, 2018 -

Compared with hysteroscopy, laparoscopy is another wide favorite of endoscopy. It has been proved that laparoscopy can diagnose, evaluate and treat most gynecological tumors, such as endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

Stage II B and below endometrial carcinoma, can be completed under laparoscopy stage and surgical treatment, stage III patients can be laparoscopic lymph node biopsy, determine the next treatment. However, patients with cervical cancer, regardless of the clinical stage, can be examined by laparoscopy and endoscopic lymphadenectomy to understand whether there is tumor metastasis. Among them, stage II B and below cervical cancer, can also be completed under laparoscopy surgery, in order to achieve the correct staging and complete resection of the lesion, maximizing the survival time of patients.

However, laparoscopic ovarian cancer surgery has been controversial. At present, laparoscopic treatment of ovarian cancer patients is mainly used in two aspects: first, before chemotherapy, patients with poor surgical results do laparoscopic examination, you can understand the disease; second, after chemotherapy, as a second exploration surgery, you can judge the effect of initial chemotherapy. However, the use of laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cancer is also increasing, for example, patients with recurrent ovarian cancer can consider laparoscopic secondary cytoreductive surgery to remove the tumor or reduce the size of the lesion as much as possible.

However, the operation of laparoscopic surgery is complex, not only requires the operator to have the basis for open surgery, skilled laparoscopic operation skills, but also relatively high requirements for surgical instruments. Of course, compared with traditional surgery, laparoscopic surgery, because of the small trauma, patients suffer less pain, its advantages are still very obvious.

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