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【product】Laparoscopic Surgery

- Jun 11, 2018 -

1, artificial pneumoperitoneum

Cut the skin 1cm from the lower edge of the umbilicus, insert the pneumoperitoneum needle at 45 degrees from the incision, and then draw back a needle with no blood. If the saline flow smoothly, the puncture is successful and the needle is in the abdominal cavity. Connected CO2 inflator, intake air speed does not exceed 1L/min, the total amount of 2-3L is appropriate. The intra-abdominal pressure does not exceed 2.13 KPa (16 mmHg).

2, trocar puncture

The laparoscope is inserted into the abdominal cavity from the cannula, so the trocar must be inserted first. Laparoscopic sleeve is thicker and the incision should be 1.5cm. Lift the umbilical abdominal wall, and then slowly insert the trocar obliquely and slowly into the abdominal cavity. When entering the abdominal cavity, there is a sense of breakthrough, pull out the sleeve core, and insert the laparoscope after hearing the sound of gas in the abdominal cavity. Turn on the light source to adjust the patient. The position was low and the hip was 15 degrees high and continued to inflate slowly.

3, laparoscopic observation

The surgeon holds a laparoscope and observes the uterus and ligaments, ovaries and fallopian tubes, rectum uterine depression by eyepieces. The assistant can move the uterus during observation and change the position of the uterus to cooperate with the examination. Suspicious lesions may be sent for pathological examination if necessary.

4, remove the laparoscope

Examination of internal hemorrhage and organ damage before removal of the laparoscope, removal of intra-abdominal gas after the removal of casing, suture abdominal incision, covered with sterile gauze, tape fixed.

5, laparoscopic post-processing:

(1) Antibiotics should be given to prevent infection;

(2) Although the abdomen incision sutured before venting, abdominal cavity may still residual gas and feel shoulder pain and abdominal discomfort, usually not serious, no special treatment.



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