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【product】 Irrigation Pump

- Oct 11, 2018 -

Product Usage:

Fully automatic computer control, digital display cavity expansion and pressure and flushing device.

The cavity is pressurized and expanded by a liquid medium to form a visible space, and the blood in the cavity can be cleaned to make the observation and surgical field clearer.

Liquid perfusion of bladder and ureteral surgery for urology can also be used for surgical fluid perfusion of arthroscopy, laparoscopy, choledochoscopy and hysteroscopy.

Suitable for all kinds of endoscopy and surgery.

This equipment should be set strictly according to the pressure that the cavity required by different operations can withstand.

When the cavity for maintaining the prescribed pressure is pressurized and expanded, such as hysteroscopic surgery, when the pressure is set to be not more than 140 mmHg (18.6 kPa), the flow rate is 0.3 L/min to ensure patient safety.

When used to fill the cavity with liquid, it is generally used to set the pressure value and flow rate.

Structure and composition:

It consists of a host, a sensor infusion set, a container (self-provided), and a silicone tube.




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