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- Jun 07, 2018 -

Hysteroscopy is a new, minimally invasive gynecological diagnosis and treatment technology used for intrauterine examination and treatment of a fiber optic endoscope, including hysteroscopy, energy systems, light source systems, perfusion systems and imaging systems; It uses the front part of the lens body to enter the uterine cavity and has a magnification effect on the observed part. It is intuitive and accurate to become the preferred method of examination for gynecological bleeding disorders and intrauterine lesions. Through hysteroscopy, women are examined, diagnosed, analyzed, and tested.

Normal value

According to the lateral comparison of the items examined, the normal range can be given.

Clinical significance

Abnormal result

B-ultrasound, hysterosalpingography or diagnostic curettage prompt abnormal or suspicious, can be diagnosed, verified or ruled out by hysteroscopy.

There are intrauterine adhesions or residual intrauterine foreign bodies, the latter including fetal bone and so on.

The use of hysteroscopy, biopsy, and histopathological evaluation will help early diagnosis and timely management of endometrial cancer and precancerous lesions.

Suitable for the inspection of the crowd:

(1) After many months, frequency, menstrual period, irregular uterine bleeding, etc.

(2) Infertility and recurrent spontaneous abortion.

(3) Suspected endometrial cancer and precancerous lesions.




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