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【product】Gynecological Surgery

- Jun 30, 2018 -

1. Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy: feasible laparoscopic salpingectomy. The fallopian tube is cut open to take the embryo to preserve the fallopian tube. Massive removal of tubal ectopic pregnancy.

2. Removal of ovarian cysts.

3. Fallopian tube or ovarian benign tumor resection.

4. Attachment resection.

5. Sterilization. Uterine perforation repair. Birth control ring travel outside the ring.

6. Pelvic adhesion decomposition.

7. Infertility. Tubal ostomy.

8. Uterine reduction surgery. Uterine suspension.

9. Surgical treatment of uterine fibroids.


Laparoscopic surgery using 2 to 4 hole operation method, one of which is on the navel of the human body, to avoid leaving a long strip of scar in the patient's abdominal cavity, after recovery, leaving only 1 to 3 in the abdominal cavity 0.5 ~ 1 The centimeter linear scar can be said to be a small, painful operation, so it was also called a "keyhole" operation. The development of laparoscopic surgery has reduced the pain of the patient's surgery and shortened the recovery period of the patient. This is a surgical project that has developed rapidly in recent years.

Among the causes of female infertility, 15% to 30% are caused by endometriosis, and 30% to 40% are caused by fallopian tube stenosis caused by tubal obstruction or adhesion. The most common cause of blocked fallopian tubes is the fallopian tube or pelvic peritoneal inflammation. When the fallopian tube is infected with gonococcal infection, tuberculosis infection, chlamydial infection, mycoplasma infection or other bacterial infection, the fallopian tube can be destroyed, the endometrial epithelial tissue of the fallopian tube can be destroyed, and the fallopian tube can be occluded. The inflammation can destroy the mucosa of the fallopian tube and form a scar, causing the tube. The cavity is narrow or obstructed. Obstruction of the fallopian tube directly leads to the inability of sperm and egg to bind, causing infertility.

With the development of medical science and technology, laparoscopy has become an indispensable means of examination and treatment for female infertility. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. It allows doctors to clearly see the pelvic and abdominal tissues and organs. The diagnosis can be made quickly and the necessary surgical treatment can be performed under laparoscopy. Under the laparoscope, tubal drainage can be performed under direct vision, with large liquid volume and good dredging effect; at the same time, ostomy can also be performed at the tubal umbrella to eliminate the hydrocephalus, adhesion and pelvic adhesion separation of the umbrella, and to perform ovarian chocolate cyst stripping. In addition to surgery and polycystic ovary punching, all kinds of injuries caused by other operations can be minimized, and the length of hospital stay is short, the operation is safe, and recovery is quick. In the modern field, it is called "surgery that preserves the quality of life." In the implementation of laparoscopic surgery, the lesions of endometriosis may also be excluded or the slight fallopian tube adhesions may be decomposed and separated without affecting the function of the fallopian tubes, so that women's chances of conceiving greatly increase.

1, indications for surgical treatment, fibroids> 5cm;

2. The size of the uterus is within 3 to 4 months of pregnancy and, in principle, no more than 4 months of pregnancy.

3, the uterus and surrounding organs without dense adhesion;

4, special parts of the fibroids need to be used with caution (broad ligament fibroids, cervical fibroids, etc.).

5, simple uterine fibroids resection.

6, total hysterectomy.

7, the uterus subtotal surgery.

8, intrafascial hysterectomy.

9, laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy

10. Assisted reproductive surgery. Laparoscopic collection of egg cells. Gamete transplantation within the oviduct.

11. Treatment of endometriosis.



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