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【product】Gynecological Minimally Invasive Surgery

- Jul 09, 2018 -

Gynecological minimally invasive surgery, as its name implies, minimizes the damage to the normal tissue and minimizes the impact of surgery on the function of the system. Minimally invasive gynecological surgery relies on the increasing popularity of laparoscopic techniques and the continuous improvement of gynecological surgical techniques. In most people's minds, gynaecological surgery is associated with the lower abdomen or transverse or longitudinal edges. With the continuous improvement of gynecological surgical operation technology and the application of new instruments in clinical practice, gynecological surgery is developing in the direction of minimally invasive surgery.

Surgical introduction editor

As human civilization moved into the 21st century, medical development has also entered a new era. With the improvement of science and technology and medical level, medical treatment is not only limited to cure diseases, how to reduce complications during treatment, how to make gynecological surgery truly remove only lesions without damaging normal tissues, how to prevent diseases fundamentally Occurrence has become a higher pursuit of medical quality today. Minimally invasive refers to the goal of curing diseases with minimal trauma and optimal treatment. In the past 10-20 years, the widening of the indications for vaginal surgery and the improvement of surgical techniques in line with the minimally invasive concept, the application of cervical LEEP knife and cervical cold knife conical treatment for cervical lesions, the realization of the majority of patients "no knife or The desire to cure a serious illness with a small knife has gradually reduced the traditional "opening and laparotomy" surgery. More than 80% of open surgery in some developed countries and some domestic hospitals have been replaced by minimally invasive surgery.



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