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【product】Functional Endoscopic Technique

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Functional endoscopic technique

In the past, to do a nasal polyp, sinusitis surgery had to open the nasal cavity, the face of the person from bottom to top, the patient was hit hard, the pain did not say, the recovery was very slow; carried out under the endoscope microscopy After the operation, the minimally invasive effect greatly reduces the patient's pain and enables the patient to get better, safer and more effective treatment. Functional nasal endoscopic surgery performed by the hospital is a completely new technology. Its brightness is equivalent to 20 times that of a shadowless lamp. The 3.5 mm small hole can magnify the lesion tissue by 500 times. Therefore, the patient's lesion can be seen by the doctor, the clear field of vision allows the surgery to achieve a more refined effect, and the operation proceeds to the previously difficult to reach, thus transforming the previous traditional destructive surgery into a complete removal of the lesion. Functional minimally invasive surgery that preserves the physiological function of the nasal cavity as much as possible.

Functional endoscopic techniques have the advantages:

1, the treatment of precision: the brightness of the cold light source is equivalent to 20 times the shadowless lamp, the clear field of view makes the surgery achieve a more refined effect, 3.5mm small hole can magnify the diseased tissue several times, and will simultaneously capture the image It is transmitted to the corresponding computer screen, and the patient's lesion can be seen by doctors, effectively bidding farewell to the era of “blind person touch” in the past blindly by hand and experience.

2, minimally invasive pain: under the nasal endoscope usually use "US GLZ-40 °C minimally invasive rehabilitation technology", which is a high-tech treatment method for tissue ablation using low temperature (40 ~ 70 ° C) Compared with the traditional laser microwave treatment, the temperature is as high as 150 °C, which greatly reduces the damage of the tissue and the suffering of the patient.

3, safe and fast: with high intelligence probe to automatically identify the diseased tissue, to avoid excessive damage, reduce side effects, at the same time, a surgery only takes a few minutes, safe, short time, is conducive to the patient's postoperative recovery.

OPT fiberoptic endoscope

OPT fiberoptic endoscope is composed of cold light source lens, fiber light wire, image transmission system, screen display system, etc., with angles ranging from 0 to 120 degrees. Due to the use of laser illumination, the brightness is equivalent to traditional shadowless lamps. 30 times, and the lens diameter is only 2.7mm, it is convenient to pass through the narrow nasal cavity, nasal passages, and internal structure of the ear canal to check the internal structure of the nasopharynx, ears, and even the sinus, through the matching surgical instruments. It can also carry out fine treatment of ENT diseases, so that the operation can reach the area that cannot be reached by traditional surgery, and realize the non-invasive diagnosis and treatment integration of ENT diseases.



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