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【product】Endoscopic Origin

- May 28, 2018 -

In 1795, the German Bozzini entered from the natural tunnel, creating the origin of the endoscope. In 1835, Antoine Jean Desormeaux, the father of endoscopy, used a kerosene lamp as a light source to observe the condition of the bladder through a mirror. The world's first endoscope was created in 1853 by French doctor De Somio. Endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It consists of a bendable part, a light source, and a set of lenses. When used, the endoscope is introduced into the pre-inspected organ and the changes in the relevant site can be directly peeked.

The earliest endoscope was applied to the rectal examination. The doctor inserts a hard tube into the patient's anus and uses the light of the candle to observe the rectum. The diagnostic information that can be obtained by this method is limited. The patient is not only very painful, but also has a great risk of perforation due to the hard instruments. Despite these shortcomings, endoscopy has continued to be applied and developed, and many different types of instruments have been gradually designed.

In 1855, the Spaniard Kahsa invented the laryngoscope. German Hyman von Hemmers invented the ophthalmoscope in 1861.

In 1878, Edison invented the light bulb. Especially after the appearance of the miniature light bulb, the endoscope made great progress. The temporary arrangement of the surgical endoscope can also reach a very precise degree.

In 1878, the German urology specialist M. Nitz created a cystoscope and used it to examine certain lesions in the bladder.

In 1897, German Geilian envisaged bronchoscopy. More than 20 years later, under the impetus of the American Joan Chevaliere Jackson, bronchoscopy has entered a practical stage. Soon, this bronchoscope began to be used in routine lung disease tests. In 1862, German Smold created the esophagoscope. In 1903, American Kelly created a proctoscope, but it did not become common until 1930. In 1913, the Swedish Jacobs reformed the pleuroscopy. In 1922, Americans Schindler founded a gastroscopy. In 1928, the German Kalk founded a laparoscopy. In 1936, the American Scafaf underwent ventricular chamber microscopy. It was not until 1962 that the ventricular chamber was established by the Germans Gool and Fristel. Since then formed a complete set of microscopy series.



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