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【product】Electrosurgical Generator

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Basic component:

Electrosurgical Generator is composed of the host and electric knife handle, patient plates, bipolar tweezers, foot switches and other accessories.

working principle

There are two main modes of operation for Electrosurgical Generator: unipolar and bipolar.

Unipolar mode:

In unipolar mode, the tissue is cut and coagulated with a complete circuit consisting of a high-frequency generator in a high-frequency knife, a patient plate, successive wires and electrodes. In most applications, the current passes through the patient through the active leads and electrodes, and then back to the HF knife generator by the patient's plate and its leads.

The heating effect of Electrosurgical Generator, which can destroy the diseased tissue, is not caused by the heating electrode or the cutter head, like the electric cauterizer. It gathers high-frequency current with high current density and directly destroys tissue at a point in contact with the tip of the active electrode. Clotting occurs when the temperature of the tissue or cell in contact with or adjacent to the active electrode rises to denature the protein in the cell. This precise surgical result is determined by the waveform, voltage, current, type of tissue, Shape and size to decide.

To avoid further heating of the tissue when the current leaves the patient returning to the high-frequency knife, which burns the patient, the patient pads in a monopolar device must have a relatively large area of contact with the patient to provide low impedance and low current density channels . Some high-frequency electrosurgical scissors used in doctors' offices have low current density and low density, which eliminates the need for patient plates. However, most general-purpose high-frequency electric knives use larger currents and require patient plates.

The isolated output system eliminates the need for Electrosurgical Generator current and patient, the ground between the auxiliary channel, thereby reducing the body may contact with the risk of burning body contact. The use of ground-based systems, burns more dangerous than the insulation output system.




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