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【product】Electric Hysterectomy

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Certain lesions of the uterus can be treated directly by hysteroscopy. Compared with traditional operation, hysteroscopic electrotomy has the advantages of open abdomen, significantly shortening the recovery time after operation, no incision in uterus, greatly reducing the probability of cesarean section in the future, and the prognosis of operation can be compared with traditional open surgery. 

Hysterectomy was the usual treatment for refractory uterine bleeding with conservative sex hormone therapy and D&C nonresponse. The New York State Department of Health counts 35,000 cases of hysterectomy per year, 10% - 15% of which were performed due to abnormal menstruation and no obvious organic lesions. Although hysterectomy is a way to eradicate symptoms, surgery invades the abdominal cavity, requires several days of hospitalization, is significantly limited in activity, and may be predisposed to morbidity. Cervical endarterectomy has been performed since 1980s. Excision of the endometrium according to a certain procedure, the first use of vertical electric incision ring incision of the uterine floor, where the most difficult to cut, and easy to perforate, so must be carefully engaged in.

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