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- Aug 08, 2018 -

"Otorhinolaryngology" is a surgical discipline that diagnoses the treatment of the ear, nose, pharynx, larynx, and related head and neck regions. With the advancement and development of science and technology, various medical disciplines have penetrated and promoted each other, expanding the scope of otolaryngology, ear microsurgery, ear neurosurgery, lateral skull base surgery, audiology and balance science, endoscopic surgery, nasal Neurosurgery (nasal skull base surgery), head and neck surgery, laryngeal microsurgery, voice and speech diseases, pediatric otolaryngology, etc., greatly enriched the content of otolaryngology.


Otolaryngology was originally called "ENT", and after the reform of the Ministry of Health, it was officially named "Otolaryngology". The classification of Otolaryngology diseases is mainly divided into some diseases that often occur in the ear, nose, and throat. Common otolaryngology diseases are: ear diseases: otitis media, tinnitus, otitis externa, deafness, tympanic membrane perforation, tympanic membrane repair, hearing impairment; nasal diseases: acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, Nasal plastic surgery; throat disease: laryngitis, pharyngitis, acute pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis, adenoid hypertrophy, tonsillitis, snoring (snoring) vocal polyps, vocal cord polyps, acute pharyngitis above the classification of otolaryngology diseases More common symptoms, in addition to these, otolaryngology also has chronic otitis media, nasal septum deviation, etc., the above classification refers to the otolaryngology network.

Common ear diseases: neurological deafness, deafness, tinnitus, external auditory canal, perforation of tympanic membrane, perforation of eardrum, otosclerosis, motion sickness, convulsions, otitis media, Meniere's disease (Minelle), ear Profile pseudocyst, congenital preauricular fistula, external ear canal mycosis.

Other diseases of the ear: aspirin intolerance triad, middle ear cancer, tibia fracture, auricular trauma, spleen anterior fistula, external auditory canal and sputum, auricular perichondritis, sputum embolization bullous tympanic membrane Inflammation, deafness, tympanic membrane trauma, otogenic hydrocephalus, intermittent impulse noise damage, acute suppurative mastoiditis, cleft palate, snorkeling inner ear injury, vestibular neuritis, humeral calculus.

Common nasal examination: rosacea (rosacea), nasal induration, nasal vestibulitis, rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, sinusitis (sinusitis, sphenoid sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, ethmoid sinusitis) Nasal septum deviation, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, turbinate hypertrophy, nosebleeds.

Other diseases of the nose: maxillary sinus odontogenic cyst, sinus pressure injury, nasal bone fracture, eosinophilic non-allergic rhinitis, congenital posterior nasal obstruction, posterior maxillary sinus polyp, vasomotor rhinitis, cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea Chronic maxillary sinusitis, chronic sphenoid sinusitis, chronic ethmoid sinusitis, chronic frontal sinusitis, septal hematoma, nasal septum abscess, nasal septum ulcer, nasal septum perforation, nasal septum perforation, nasal stone, caseous rhinitis, excessively reflective rhinitis, nasal Stenosis of the valve area, congenital malformation of the nose, nasal granuloma, etc.

Common diseases of the throat: pharyngeal paraesthesia, chronic pharyngitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis, acute epiglottis, tonsil inflammation, laryngitis, acute laryngitis.

Other diseases of the throat: nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, adenoid hypertrophy, acute tongue tonsillitis, oropharyngeal adhesion, granulocytic leukemia, streptococcal pharyngitis, chronic simple pharyngitis, velopharyngeal insufficiency, acute Simple pharyngitis, Fen Sen angina, viral pharyngitis, periorbital abscess, leukemia angina, pharyngeal sensation loss or loss, pharyngeal scar stenosis, pharyngeal tonsil hypertrophy, uvula stenosis, congenital nose Pharyngeal stenosis and atresia, atrophic pharyngitis, pharyngeal mechanical trauma, pharyngeal tuberculosis, posterior pharyngeal wall diverticulum, abnormal eustachian tube opening, pharyngeal wall diverticulum, pharyngeal burn, pharyngeal induration, pharyngeal foreign body, Pharyngeal leprosy, pharyngeal lupus, retropharyngeal abscess, pharyngeal spasm, pharyngeal muscle paralysis, pharyngeal keratosis, pharyngeal sac, parapharyngeal abscess, pharyngeal vascular malformation, styloid syndrome.

Common diseases related to otolaryngology: sleep-disordered breathing disorder (snoring snoring), bronchitis, asthma, headache, vertigo, insomnia, facial nerve pain.



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