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【product】Disposable Trocar

- May 03, 2018 -

【Scope of application】

Applicable to clinical minimally-visible endoscopic surgery for laparoscopic surgical channels.

【Model specifications and technical parameters】

[Security, Performance Features Advantages]

1. The puncture sleeve adopts a non-slip thread design to prevent the sleeve from sliding off during operation.

2. The head of the puncture needle is a fin-type design that is more smooth and safe when punctured.

3, puncture sleeve and seal cap using separate loading and unloading to facilitate tissue removal during surgery.

4. Valves rotate within the sealing valve and there is no need for transducer during operation. The sealing performance is good.

5, choke valve with a font with a rib design, better gas barrier effect.

[Main clinical application]

Applicable to such as infertility, unexplained abdominal pain, abdominal cavity biopsy qualitative, etc. can be used laparoscopic examination, in the case of abdominal injury can also replace the laparotomy. Gynecological sterilization, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.; surgical hernia, appendicitis, interpretation of the gallbladder, liver and kidney cyst, gastroduodenal perforation, straight, colon cyst, thyroid surgery, breast surgery, splenectomy, etc.; surgical minimally invasive surgery Laparoscopic surgery can 

be used.




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