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【product】Disposable Trocar

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Disposable Trocar has the following advantages: The Disposable Trocar consists of puncture cannula, piercing cone and seal. During the operation, the physician inserts the puncture cone into the puncture cannula to pierce the skin and uses the tissue separation paddles to separate the tissue from each layer to reach the designated surgical site. After the puncture is completed, the puncture cone is pulled out to introduce the surgical instrument through the puncture cannula for surgery.

Disposable Trocar has a low lumen for easy penetration into the human body to broaden the field of view and extend the effective depth of the device; inverted Christmas tree threaded sleeve can provide a strong abdominal wall force, increasing the stability of the instrument in and out; have no Knife minimally invasive puncture cone end, to avoid puncture in the abdominal organs and abdominal vascular injury; with visual puncture guide in the puncture process can monitor all involved in the organization level, increase surgical safety and prevent surgical errors.



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