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【product】Disposable Suction & Irrigation Tube

- Jul 19, 2018 -

The utility model relates to a disposable irrigator for absorbing blood and residual liquid in a human body in an abdominal cavity, which belongs to the field of medical instruments. The utility model comprises a suction suction seat, a suction pipe and a pipe seat. The pipe socket is fixed on the suction suction seat, the flushing suction pipe is fixed on the pipe seat, the flushing suction seat is opened in the suction suction seat, and the flushing suction cavity and the flushing pipe are connected The flushing pipe has a flushing port; the utility model further comprises: a flushing valve, wherein the flushing valve comprises a valve body, a valve core and a button; the valve body is fixed on the sucking seat, and the valve body is opened on the valve body The flow passage and the opening, the opening, the valve body flow passage and the suction seat cavity are sequentially connected, and a flow passage opening is arranged on the valve body flow passage; the button sleeve is fixed on the valve core, and the valve core is matched with the flow passage opening. The utility model has reasonable structural design, good flushing effect and safe use.



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