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【product】Disposable Prolapse And Hemorrhoids Cutting Stapler

- Oct 05, 2018 -

First, the composition: mainly consists of the nail base, staple cartridge, staple, ring cutter, movable handle, adjustment nut and its accessories.

Second, the specification model: anorectal stapler product form is divided into A, B, C and D according to the appearance; according to the diameter of the anvil, divided into four specifications.

Third, product features:

1, a reasonable staple density, reduce postoperative bleeding.

2. Imported titanium wire provides high strength and stretch. .

3. Larger staple cartridge space increases the holding space for pulling the mucosa.

4, according to the actual situation of mucosal prolapse, the thickness of the resection can be adjusted.

5, with a small anastomosis gap to avoid tissue damage caused by excessive compression.

6, the two adjustment nuts have different rotating feels, providing users with different choices.

7, can maintain the normal anal pad and mucosal bridge, maintain the anal contraction function, can effectively prevent postoperative anastomotic stricture.

Fourth, the scope of application:

Applicable to the selective removal of mucosa on the dentate line.




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