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【product】Disposable Plasma Blade

- Jun 22, 2018 -

1.Product Overview

•This product is used to  surgical hemostasis, soft tissue ablation

2. Preparation before use

• Observe the condition of the packaging, whether it is in good condition and whether it is damaged or not;

• Observe whether it is within the validity period;

• Observe whether the sterilization mark is intact;

3. How to use

•In transforaminal surgery, because the minimally invasive holescope is very small, there is no need to go through a layer of incision into various surgical instruments and foramen, so the general ablation tools can not meet the surgical requirements.

• Disposable plasm blade are only a small millimeter of Φ2.5mm, so they are a good ablation tool in the intervertebral foramen.

4. Forbidden

•This product is not suitable for pacemakers or other patients who are contraindicated for plasma interference

5. Process considerations

•Low-temperature plasma scalpels are disposable, notches, and cannot be used multiple times;

• Dedicated personnel to avoid cross-infection;

• Check whether the connection is tight and whether it is connected correctly;

• It is forbidden to touch the front terminal needle position of the low temperature plasma scalpel;

• The whole process belongs to aseptic operation;

6. Post-operative precautions

•Uniform placement;

• Unified, centralized processing, classified storage, and destruction processing;

• When handling medical waste, pay attention to safety and avoid needlestick injuries.




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