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【product】Disposable Incision Protection Sleeve

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Disposable Incision Protection Sleeve consists of an outer ring, a placement ring, and a channel that expands the incision field, protects the incision from injury, and reduces the chance of postoperative infection.

Uses: Suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision surgery, expanding the incision field, protecting the incision from injury and reducing infection of the incision.

Product Details

1, the product can be divided into polymer film high series and silicone fixed height series, two materials, a variety of models, can meet different surgical needs.

2, retraction: 360 ° circumferential retraction; evenly spread the traction force, reduce local trauma and associated pain; reduce the use of the hook.

3, protection: 360 ° incision protection; significantly reduce the risk of infection in the incision; always keep the edge of the incision moist.

4, revealing: the maximum range reveals the surgical field, effectively reducing the size of the incision; has the visibility of the incision edge, effectively preventing and oozing the blood; releasing the hands of the pulling wounder during the operation.




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