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【product】Disposable Endobag

- Sep 29, 2018 -

First, the composition: consists of inner and outer casing, inner and outer casing handles, opening device and storage bag.

Second, product features:

1. Nickel-titanium memory alloy expands the ring and pushes the handle. The mouth of the bag can be automatically unfolded, which is convenient for collecting surgical resection.

2, according to the minimally invasive theory design, can enter the surgical area through a 10mm puncture device.

3. The nano-bag film is made of medical implant material TPU, and the nickel-titanium memory alloy stent is also a medical implant material.

4, the drug bag film is soft and transparent, does not affect the surgical field of view, high-density film prevents body fluids and cell leakage.

Fourth, the product scope of application: suitable for minimally invasive surgery to remove the tissue from the body.一次性取物袋展示图带水印.jpg



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