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【product】Disposable Camera Sleeve

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Endoscopy to achieve one-time use must significantly reduce product costs, and low-cost products can not guarantee the high quality required for endoscopic imaging, endoscopic disposable protective sleeve to achieve a one-time endoscopic purpose of usage.

The endoscope disposable sleeve product is in the shape of a barrel. The disposable medical product is made of latex material in the shape of a barrel, which is sleeved on the endoscope body, with the front end exposing the end and the contact with the sight lens being reduced The mouth, the other end of the sleeve body is also provided with a hoop ring shrinking the mouth of the retracting mouth and exposing the end of the sight glass. The material bucket is latex. In the use of endoscope when the first set of protective cover, and then the human body check the work, to prevent the endoscope disinfection sterilization is not thorough and caused the re-sense, to lift the patient's worries

Endoscopic disposable sheaths provide physical barrier and isolation to endoscopy, helping to prevent wind infections

This product is very good performance, easy to manipulate the tensile bending will not break, the product is used for the implementation of thoracic surgery equipment and light source, the camera system wire protection, and B probe protection, the product with epoxy A hospital, health , Safe one-time use, after seizing pay attention to recovery or destruction.


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