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【product】Disposable Biopsy Needle

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Disposable Biopsy Needle

1. Unique RBI design, the perfect tip in the B-

2. Innovative segmented firing and automatic firing two kinds of operating results, suitable for soft tissue biopsies

3. Powerful spring needle tube faster, to ensure that the perfect specimen

4. Ergonomic design handle, one-handed operation control

5. Controllable safety switch, lock the trigger button to prevent misuse

◆ guided three-tube biopsy needle with three trocar puncture needle technology, the use of the tunnel effect of the outer tube can be completed in a single puncture and more drawn, and the lesions can be treated by injection;

◆On the basis of the original puncture and biopsy functions, the functions of guiding and positioning, preserving the channel and injecting drugs are increased, realizing one-step puncturing, exact hitting, puncturing with a needle, multi-point drawing, casing biopsy, and reducing pollution simultaneously Injection of anti-cancer drugs to prevent the transfer of planting, injection of hemostatic drugs to prevent bleeding, injection of painkillers and many other functions;




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