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【product】Disposable Biopsy Forceps

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Scope of application: It is suitable for clinical use for endoscopic gastrointestinal biopsy.

Features advantages:

 1, the exterior is coated with ultra-plastic coating, which effectively reduces the damage to the clamp hole;

2, the product is sterilized, no need to disinfect before use; biopsy head is made of medical stainless steel;

3, using laser welding, reliable links; using excellent mechanical functions, making sampling easier;

 4, purification workshop production, after strict inspection and delivery, to ensure product quality.

【product advantages】

1. The biopsy forceps head is made of medical stainless steel, the head is carefully polished, without any obtuse angle, and can be opened and closed normally by the outer tube around the 2-inch clamp head by any curved clamp.

2. The operation of the clamp head is flexible, the incision is sharp, the degree of fit is good, the sampling size is moderate, the positive detection rate is high, and the sampling is almost painless;

3. The patented anti-loose handle has clear upper and lower dead points, and adopts composite ergonomic design, which makes the hand feel comfortable and reduces the working intensity of medical staff;

4. It adopts steel four-bar linkage structure, which can transmit the force to the clamp head better, has stronger biting force, and has excellent mechanical functions, which makes sampling easier;

5. The outer spring tube is coated with ultra-slip plastic coating, and the resistance of the access and the clamp is reduced, which effectively reduces the wear of the clamp hole;

6. The crocodile-type pliers can cut and bite the tissue to avoid slipping. The needle design is suitable for accurate sampling and hard tissue.

7.10 million class purification workshop production and assembly, after strict inspection and delivery, product quality assurance, cost-effective, suitable for extensive clinical promotion;

8. Aseptic packaging, ready to use, no need to disinfect, eliminate cross-infection, reduce medical risks;




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