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- Sep 09, 2018 -

Cystoscope is a type of endoscope. It is similar in shape to urethral probes. The electrolens sheath, inspection endoscope, disposal and ureteral intubation endoscope and core form a set of four parts, and is accompanied by an electric burner, a shearing device, and a living tissue inspection. The lighting system of the cystoscope has changed in recent years. It is equipped with a cold light source box, which is transmitted to the inside of the bladder through an optical fiber beam. It replaces the light bulb at the front of the bladder mirror sheath and has the advantages of good lighting, clear vision, and light adjustment.

1. For diagnosis, intrabladder conditions can be observed through an examination mirror; Through the ureteral intubation endoscope, a slender ureteral catheter can be inserted into the ureter to the renal pelvis, and urine is collected separately for routine examination and culture. Intravenous injection of indigo solution to observe the blue discharge time of the ureter on both sides, and the renal function on both sides can be estimated respectively(5 to 10 minutes after normal injection); Transducts inject 12.5 % sodium iodide contrast agent into the renal pelvis or ureter, and perform retrograde renal pelvis imaging to understand the kidney, renal pelvis, and ureter.

2. For treatment, such as bleeding points or papilloma in the bladder, it can be treated with a cystoscope. Bladder stones can be broken by crushed stone tools and washed out; Small foreign body and lesions in bladder can be removed with foreign body clamp or living tissue clamp. The ureteral mouth is narrow and can be cut by a cystoscope(or expanded with a dilator).

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