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- May 05, 2018 -

The cystoscope is a kind of endoscope. Its shape is similar to that of a urethral probe. The galvanic sheath, the inspection speculum, the treatment and the ureteroscope, and the mirror core constitute a set of four parts, with an electrocautery, a scissors and Biopsy forceps and other accessories Figure 1. In recent years, the cystoscopy has changed the lighting system, with a cold light source box, the reverse of the strong cold light through the optical fiber guide light beam, transmitted to the bladder inside, replacing the cystoscope sheath front light bulb Lighting, with good lighting, clear scenes, free light adjustment and other advantages.


1. Do diagnosis by observation of the endoscope can be observed through the urinary bladder; through the ureteroscope, the ureter can be inserted into the long ureteral catheter to the renal pelvis, respectively, the collection of urine, routine examination and culture; intravenous injection of rouge solution Observe the bilateral blue time of the ureters, can estimate the bilateral renal function (blue row 5 to 10 minutes after the normal injection), and inject the 12.5% sodium iodide contrast agent into the renal pelvis or ureter via catheter to perform retrograde pyelography. Can understand the condition of kidney, renal pelvis and ureter.

2. For treatment, such as bladder bleeding or papilloma, can be treated with an electrocautery device through the cystoscope; intravesical stones can be washed out after crushed by a lithotripsy; foreign objects and lesions in the bladder can be used foreign body forceps or The tissue clamp is removed; the ureteral orifice is narrowed and can be cut with a cystoscope with a scissors (or with a dilator for expansion).




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