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【product】Clinical Significance Of Cystoscopy

- Jul 06, 2018 -

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In acute cystitis, cystoscopy should be avoided. In the examination of acute cystitis, in addition to the history and physical signs, a mid-stage urine test is required. There are pus cells and red blood cells in the urine. For timely treatment, the urinary smear can be examined by Gram staining to preliminarily determine the nature of the bacteria. At the same time, bacterial culture, colony count and antibiotic susceptibility test are provided to provide a more accurate basis for future treatment. White blood cells rise in the blood.

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Abnormal results:

1. For diagnosis, the intravesical condition can be observed by examining the speculum; through the ureteral intubation, the elongated ureteral catheter can be inserted into the ureter to the renal pelvis, and the urine can be collected for routine examination and culture; intravenous infusion of the rouge solution To observe the blue time of the ureter on both sides, the renal function of both sides can be estimated separately (blue line 5-10 minutes after normal injection); 12.5% sodium iodide contrast agent is injected into the renal pelvis or ureter via catheter, and retrograde pyelography is performed. You can understand the kidneys, kidneys and ureters.

2. For treatment, such as bleeding points or papilloma in the bladder, can be treated by electrosurgery with cystoscope; stones in the bladder can be washed out with a lithotripter; small foreign bodies and diseased tissues in the bladder can be clamped with foreign bodies or The biopsy forceps are removed; the ureteral orifice is narrowed and can be cut open by a cystoscope (or dilated with a dilator).

People who need to be examined: old and debilitated, with comorbidities such as cardiovascular or diabetes. Transurethral resection of the prostate is suitable for a variety of causes of bladder neck obstruction, including patients with residual tissue after open surgery can still make symptoms can not be alleviated.



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