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【product】Camera System

- Jul 04, 2018 -

1, the image shows:

Ø Broadcast-quality image quality ensures high-definition, real-time dynamic image display (high-definition image display, laying the foundation for high-definition playback of future images), and supports dual-screen functions.

2, image single 桢 collection

Ø Video signal and input: can process PAL or NTSC standard video signals, can also handle non-standard video signals (optional); can handle composite video signals, S-terminal signals, and can also process RGB component video signals (optional).


Laparoscopy (4 photos)

3, image dynamic recording

Ø The company's surgical digital recording software features seven levels of digital filtering to minimize clutter and dramatically improve video quality. Representing the highest level of MPEG-2 real-time compression technology, it provides a three-in-one solution for DVD, SVCD and VCD production for high quality users.

Ø has a time-limited (only related to the size of the hard disk) dynamic image recording and storage function, which can record or select a certain segment record that is meaningful in the whole inspection process, or record in sections. With pause recording function (optional).

Ø Burns exported dynamic images to disc. The contents of this disc can also be played back on any computer.

4, image processing

5, the editing of the surgical record

Ø A comprehensive and detailed surgical record template that provides convenient tools for adding and deleting terminology and typical cases.

Ø The surgical record template can be multi-selected during the call, without excessive text modification and input, minimizing the doctor's keyboard input operation.

Ø The surgical record template can be customized and modified to modify all structures or entries.

6, record retrieval

Ø provides a variety of statistical search items, including surgical items, classification, age, gender, application department, applicant doctor, surgeon, assistant doctor, disease and other search conditions.

Ø Multiple conditions can be combined to achieve an accurate and appropriate search. Flexible to meet the needs of all aspects of the department.

7, record statistics

Ø Check workload statistics, including the workload of the surgeon, the workload of the assistant doctor, and the workload of the department.

Ø All statistical inspection results can be exported to EXCEL tables to generate statistical reports.

Ø provides a database dump function that completely replaces the patient registry and digitizes the registry.



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