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【product】Bronchoscope Pediatric

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Bronchoscope is suitable for observation of lobar, segmental and subsegmental bronchial lesions, biopsy sampling, bacteriological and cytological examination, and TV system for photography, teaching and dynamic recording. The bronchoscope is equipped with a biopsy sampling device, which can help to detect early lesions, carry out in vivo surgery such as polypectomy, and is a good precision instrument for the study of bronchial and pulmonary diseases, and postoperative examination.

The scope of use of bronchoscopy can be divided into three broad categories:

(1) Diagnostic indications: 

(A) Unexplained hemoptysis, unexplained chronic cough, unexplained hoarseness, unexplained diaphragmatic rise. 

(B) the basis of diagnosis and staging of lung cancer patients. Biopsy was performed by bronchoscopy to obtain tissue diagnosis. 

(C) Diagnosis of benign bronchial lesions: acute or chronic bronchitis, bronchial tuberculosis, respiratory tract inhalation injury, tracheal or bronchial stenosis, suspected bronchoesophageal fistula. 

(D) diagnosis of diffuse lung disease.

(2) indications for treatment: 

(A) take foreign bodies in the trachea, 

(B) take out endotracheal secretions and blood clots.

 (C) resection of intratracheal tumor or granulation tissue with laser device. 

(D) dilatation or placement of endotracheal stent can be performed in patients with tracheal stenosis.

(3) indications for research.

Examination report time: Section and cytological examination, 5-7 days; Bacterial and mold culture results take a week, tuberculosis culture takes 8 weeks to produce results.

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