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【product】Basic Structure Of Endoscope

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Hard-tube endoscope is the most convenient, most direct and effective medical device for medical personnel to observe the internal diseased tissue of human body so far. It has the advantages of high image clarity and vivid colors, and is easy to operate. With the expansion of the use of hard-tube endoscopes, physicians are increasingly using hard-tube endoscopes. Hard-tube endoscopes are more delicate medical devices that can easily cause damage. The following is an introduction on how to use, maintain, and maintain the hard-tube endoscope to help the medical staff to better use this device and extend the service life of the hard-tube endoscope.

To use a hard tube endoscope properly, you should understand its structure. Although the products of various rigid tube endoscope manufacturing plants in the world are different in light path and different in appearance, their basic structures are the same: They are composed of a working mirror tube part, a structural part, a blindfold part, and an optical cable interface part. The main part of the structure, the eye mask part, and the interface part of the optical cable are not easily damaged in spite of severe bumps. The most vulnerable part is the mirror section. Take φ4mm hard tube endoscope as an example: The working mirror tube is mainly composed of four parts: the outer mirror tube, the inner mirror tube, the optical lens, and the optical fiber. The optical lens is placed on the endoscope tube to form an optical system, and the optical fiber is placed between the inner and outer mirror tubes for illumination. The outer tube is a 0.1mm thick φ4mm stainless steel tube that is deformed by bumping or squeezing. Most optical lenses are φ2.8mm long and about 25mm long glass columns. They will crack, collapse, or shift the optical axis when they are slightly bumped or squeezed. Our common endoscopes have blurred vision and black edges. the reason. The optical fiber is made of very fine optical glass. A φ4mm speculum should be packed with more than 1500 optical fibers. The broken wire is caused by the external force in the external mirror tube, which affects the illumination. Most of the connections of the rigid tube endoscopes are bonded with epoxy resin. The quality and packaging technology of the glue also affect the life of the speculum. Hard tube endoscopes are delicate, but as long as they can be used and maintained correctly, they will not be damaged.



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