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【product】Needle Clamp Use Method, Needle Holder Type And Specifications

- Apr 05, 2018 -

Needle-nose pliers are mainly used for holding various arrangements of needle suturing, and are sometimes used for knotting instruments. They are often referred to as needle-holding, sub-coarse needles and fine needles, and thick needles are commonly used in general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, etc. There are many needles used in cardiovascular and microsurgery departments. In terms of endoscope simulator type, the needles of common type (plating) and non-plating (non-reflective) needles are clamped. The middle and rear 1/3 junctions of the needles are suitable. In most cases, the needle tip should be leftward. In special cases, the needle holder can be to the right. The stitches should be stacked 1/3 and the winding stacking section should be placed. In the needle mouth. In order to facilitate the operation, if the needle is clamped in the middle of the needle holder, the needle is simply broken.


1. Holding the needle clamp grasp method: also called a grasp or full grasp, that is, grasping the holding pincers by hand, clamp ring close to the thenar muscle, the thumb, middle finger, ring finger and little finger press on the pliers handle, the three fingers together Fixing effect, the index finger presses on the proximal section of the needle holder. Use the thumb and big fish muscles and metacarpophalangeal joint activities to expand, hold open the teeth buckle on the handle ring of the needle clamp, loosen the teeth buckle and control the size of the mouth opening of the needle clamp to hold the needle. When closed, the thumb and forefinger and the other metacarpophalangeal portions will be locked in place. This method suture is simple and stable to change the direction of the suture needle, the suture is smooth, and the operation is convenient.

2. The finger-tip method is a traditional law in which a thumb and a ring finger are inserted into a pliers loop to control the opening and closing of the needle-holding pliers by means of finger movement force, and to control the scale of the action when they are opened and disturbed. With the middle finger into the clamp ring within the clamp method, because of the distance from the fulcrum and poor stability, it is a fault.

3, the palm refers to law: The thumb is put into the pliers ring, the index finger is pressed and supported in the front half of the pliers, and the remaining three acupressure pliers rings are fixed in the palm. The thumb can move up and down to control the opening and closing of the needle clamp.

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